Dr. Farid Fata the $35 Million FRAUDULENT doctor practicing in Michigan was telling people they had cancer even when they didn’t. Continue reading


Dear Mazie Hirono


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I am asking you as my Senate Representative to start the procedure to remove Rep. Cory Booker for sexually assaulting a woman. He is a Self Confessed Sexual Predator. I am sending this to all my Hawaii Candidate’s who are … Continue reading

What A Joke, Rep. Cory Booker Questions Kavanaugh On Character!!!

By Chad Rhodes

OMG the Self Proclaimed Sexual Predator Senator Cory Booker is crossing examining an honest man as if he was a criminal like himself.

BOOKER trying to turn the tables away from Judge Brett Kavanaugh and right on to sexual assault and Donald Trump. But no one has ever claimed that President Trump in any way treated them other than with full consent.

But wait Mr.Cory Booker you are a sexual predator. Perhaps you are having flashbacks.

Yes That is true, Senator Cory Booker: admitted in a post he wrote of taking advantage of his “BEST FRIEND” while she was intoxicated.

She said; she was to the point of beyond drunk, where she was not aware of what was going on. You Mr Cory Booker decided it was ok to assault her.

Ginni, Ginni Your Husband Is Guilty…

By Chad Rhodes

Nothing like your wife begging in the streets for an apology for her husbands sexual predator practices with his trusted employee.

Back in the year 1991 is when all hell broke loose for the men in the White House.

Women, tired of being used for sex and having their bosses drool all over them like a hot slice of apple pie.

Anita Hill could not take the disgusting advances of her married boss Clarence Thomas and decided to do the unthinkable. Back in those days it was submit or quit.

The most heroic woman of 1991 to STAND UP to a world of Prejudice.

As the ME NOW movement continues to expose these types of characters and the power they have held over these women we continue to hear further stories. We need to look at who and where these people are today. They need to be removed from power.

Lindsay Graham on FIRE…

By Chad Rhodes

Thank You Lindsay Graham for speaking the truth in front of ALL OF AMERICA on TV. Recorded and saved for the future Americans to see the worst of the worst. And the Best truth speakers for 2018.


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