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Healing Cancer With Light

Biophotonics: Basic Theory of Cancer Development and Defense

by International Institute of Biophysics 2002 (formerly published at, edited for enhanced readability by Healing Cancer Naturally

At the 11th International Conference “Biological Cancer Defense” in Heidelberg, Germany (May 3-5, 2002), Prof. F. A. Popp presented his basic theory of cancer development and defense. This theory was recently successfully discussed at the Heidelberg Cancer Research Institute (DKFZ) as well. In view of the positive response on the part of the scientists and the highly controversial nature of these ideas at rather clear evidence, we consider it worthwhile to publish a concise review of the substance of Popp’s theory:

Popp started by pointing out that over the last years, cancer death rates have not dropped but rather significantly increased, indicating that mainstream science has been pursuing a fundamentally erroneous direction in its attempts at combatting this scourge of humanity. Popp compared this flawed approach with attempts at scientifically answering the question: ”How high is the temperature of a gas?” by proceeding to catch the gaseous molecules and to investigate them under the microscope. While the technique may thus improve step by step to the use of electron microscopy and even higher resolution microscopy, it will forever fail to produce any essential result concerning the gas’ temperature, and not even yield a result clueing the investigator in to the fundamentally erroneous direction of his experiments. Similarly, tumor growth is doubtless nothing but a collective phenomenon of the cell population as a whole. Consequently, the central questions should focus on the control of cell division rate rather than on the molecular properties of individual cells. A basic example which simultaneously provides the starting point of Popp’s theory is cell division, i.e. the mitotic figures . As is well known, the molecular content is divided here into two equal parts, where the daughter cells will always contain just half of the entire number of biomolecules without deviations, while the statistical laws require a surplus or undershoot of , where N is the number of molecules. This would always be about 105 molecules more or less in one of the daughter cells.

The fact that practically no aberration takes place can be explained only in terms of a regulating electromagnetic field that stabilizes itself by the interaction with the cell(s). The electric and magnetic biforces take care of the correct movement (and reactions) of all the molecules. Actually, such a field is known and can be calculated. It is the electromagnetic field within conducting and/or dielectric cavities which spreads out over the interior of a cell according to the Maxwell equations.

The field pattern (local field strengths) follows the classical laws of the Maxwell equations, whereas the dynamics is subjected to quantum optics. shows such a spatial field pattern which has been calculated by taking account of the boundary conditions of a cell. (2). Those electromagnetic quasi-stationary electromagnetic field patterns spread over the wavelength range from at least c. 200 to 800 nm. shows the series of cavity resonator modes in the optical frequency range. Their superposition’s completely explain the mitotic figures both for stationary patterns and in the course of time for the temporal sequence of superposition’s. The electrical charges and magnetic momentums of the molecules strictly follow the electric and magnetic field pattern of the corresponding cavity resonator waves, respectively. As a consequence, the perfect spatio-temporal distribution of molecules can be understood, and it is not wrong to say that it can be understood only in this way.

At the same time one has to expect that an ideal photomultiplier should then register photons outside of the cell population just within this wavelength range of, say, 200 to 800 nm (3). In addition, since these field patterns represent coherent states, the probability of measuring n photons has to follow a Poissonian photocount statistics p(n) = exp (-) n/n!. Both is true (3,4). The evidence of these “biophotons” (which are emitted as single photons by living biological cells and systems satisfy just these conditions) has been shown by Popp’s group since 1976, and it has been reproduced by several other scientists working in the field of biophotonics. We will not repeat the confirmation of all these results, but would like to refer the interested reader to our bibliography ( htm or

Popp confined his Heidelberg address to the aspects concerning cancer development. Since a coherent field is self-reflective, it follows laws like

>¶< /¶ t (n) = a n + b n2 (equ. 1), fixme-u-g refer original

where n are subunits of the system (i.e. photons or cells), ¶ /¶ t (n) describes the time development of n, and a and b are parameters. b must not vanish in order to keep the coherence of the system.

A typical example is the correlation between biophoton emission and cell growth (Fig. 3), where b0 is necessary for cell growth stimulation. While a may refer to chaotic components, b is a collective parameter, dependant on integrative properties of the whole cellular system. b as the inhibitor of cell growth is strongly linked to the degree of coherence of the field. Consequently, a definite loss of coherence is a necessary and sufficient condition of cancer development (5,6). The cancer problem is reduced to the investigation of b and b/a.

Actually, Schamhart et. al. and Scholz et. al. have shown that the loss of the validity of equ. 1 and the loss of coherence, which can be expressed in terms of b and a, is strongly correlated to cancer growth (Fig. 4 and Fig. 5, (7,8)). This correlation has the power of a causal relation, since it does lead not only to quantitative, but also to qualitative differences between “normal” cells and “tumor cells” without any exception.

Once we arrived at this stage, we already had a powerful strategy and tool for overcoming the malignancy of cancer development. Where tumor tissue is available (surface tumors or tissue after operation), one may expose the tumor tissue to non-toxic agents and examine whether the biophoton emission will increase or decrease under this treatment. In case of increase (which happens in most cases), the remedy or therapeutic trial under examination is useless.

However, if the application of the remedy (agent) leads to a decrease in biophoton emission, one may assume that its application will result in an improvement of the state and possibly even in healing of the disease. Our experience has shown that in such cases the normal cells which are always present in a real tumor are likely activated into removing or suppressing the tumor cells. This therapy follows just the opposite strategy than the usual tumor therapy. Instead of killing tumor cells (and the connected normal tissue), it stimulates the normal tissue into overcoming malignancy of the entire cell population, in other words into providing b

The disadvantage of this therapy consists in the possibility of an operation being necessary to find the suitable remedy. However, Zhang and Popp (9) have shown that to some degree, the loss of coherence can be measured not only by investigating the biophoton emission of either tissue or body (10), but also by statistically analyzing physiological parameters, i.e. resistance (or conductivity) values of the body. Coherence of the regulating fields is strongly related to the log-normal distribution of physiological parameters, a fact that is well known in statistical medicine under the name of “multiplicative “Gestaltungs” principle. As soon as coherence is lost, the log-normal distribution of the skin’s conductivity values turns more and more into a Gaussian distribution. An example is shown in Fig. 6. A German company developed an electrode that enables us to measure hundreds of conductivity values of the human skin in a rather short time. After suitable adjustment of the measurement values the statistical distribution is available and provides a rather reliable indicator of the degree of coherence of the field within the human body. In this non-invasive manner, one may follow rather comfortably both the state of disease and its development under treatment.

In light of new confirmation (11-13), it seems useful to further pursue this theoretical concept and the idea of measuring the degree of coherence of the biophoton field in living systems in order to open the door to the understanding and eventual overcoming of cancer.


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Biophoton therapy: an appraisal

Biophotons are interesting phenomena, and Dr Popp is the founder of the work on biophotons and the putative role in cellular biochemical reactions. The work of Dr Popp is hghly innovatove, but sadly enough, it has also be the base of the so called biophoton therapy. The Starlight is a machine, brought to the market, to treat a variety of diseases with biophotons, such as malaria, Lyme, multple sclerosis, schizophrenia, depression etc. Our foundation is very concerned about these unproven claims, and asked Dr Popp for his appraisal. In the following clipp you find our analysis of biophoton therapy.

But let us first quote the concern of Dr Popp related to the use of biophoton machines and the claimed indications:

We ourselves did never claim that “biophoton machines” are able at all. The living system is working with biophotons which regulate the whole cell metabolism, since the about 100 000 chemical reactions which are permanently taking place per second and per cell have to be activated by photons (according to the knowledge of biochemistry, see, for instance, the text books of biochemistry).

This requirement of a extremely high coherence within the living system EXCLUDES the possibility of manufacturing a machine with this unbelievable accuracy and capacities. Nevertheless, there are always scharlatans who believe in these miracles.

And here we quote the content of a internetsite on the Starlight:


Welcome to Biostarlight, a Bio-Photon Coherency Therapy company that utilises StarLight technology to enable the body to heal itself. Biostarlight was founded in 2006 by Anouk Puper, a qualified Bio-Photon Therapist based in Chelsea, London.


Bio-Photon Coherency Therapy assists the body’s immune system to function at optimum levels, which enables the body to heal itself. The Therapy utilises StarLight technology, which is a series of instruments capable of measuring light emissions from acupuncture points, using fibre-optic cables and crystal electrodes. Once these light emissions or vibrations have been located the readings are fed into the system, which is fully equipped with therapy programmes based on common symptoms of other patient’s experiences. The therapeutic process is then delivered using optical glass electrodes, held in the patient’s hands.


Bio-Photon Coherency Therapy is commonly used to treat allergies, anxiety, acne, asthma, arthritis, blood pressure, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, colds and flu, intestinal problems, depression, dyslexia, emotional problems, electromagnetic disturbances, herpes, glaucoma, gall stones, headaches, leukaemia, scars, stomach complaints, pre-menstrual tension, migraines, kidney stones, menopause, nose and throat polyps, prostate problems, back pain, whiplash, crown’s disease, lyme disease, pfeiffer syndrome and multiple sclerosis.


Scar Therapy: Surgical scaring causes a great disturbance to the body, primarily in the blockage of the organ’s energy supply. With the StarLight one can treat these scars and in about 50% of all cases, the scar disappears completely from the skin’s surface. In all cases the scar tissue that has formed disappears along with its associated weather sensitivity and redness.

Spin Inversion Therapy: An increasing number of people suffer from “electron spin inversion”. This is caused by external magnetic fields that influence the rotational direction of the electrons in the body. As electromagnetic fields surround us in our everyday life (computers, television, electrical appliances…) the likelihood of electron spin inversion increases. The usual result is chronic fatigue, allergies and a body that works against itself. This therapy returns the electron spin to the proper direction.

Dyslexia Therapy: There are many people who suffer from dyslexia, a non-integration of the brain hemispheres. This treatment treats more than just dyslexia.

Psychological Problems: There are those who claim that physical problems stem from psychological disorders. It has been our experience that the reverse is true. Depression, manic depression, schizophrenia and phobias are all improved with the StarLight.



Bio-Programming is a ground breaking healing method, which permits to resolve emotional conflicts, related to health disorders. Bio-programming will give you the opportunity to become the master of your emotional healing and improve all areas of your life.

The mission of Bio-Programming is to bring a new level of awareness regarding physical and emotional health and how the two are related. It offers solutions to those in search of healthy, purposeful and fulfilling lives.

The origin of health disorders

Scientific research shows that illness has a specific meaning and purpose in terms of the survival of the species. Health disorders as well as limiting behaviors are the result of an adaptive mechanism, which is triggered in synchronicity with our emotional traumas and stresses.

Despite  appearances,  nothing  happens  at  random  and  all  living  beings  are  programmed  in  terms  of survival. An illness or symptom is the result of an unresolved emotional distress. When an individual is unable to consciously find a solution to an emotional conflict and when this conflict creates unmanageable stress, the subconscious brain will transpose the stress into the organ. This is the moment when the illness begins.

As  soon  as  we  experience  a  peak  level  of stress  (shock  or  intense  permanent  conflict),  we  solicit  our sympathetic nervous  system  (fight  or  flight  response). During such circumstances our subconscious brain evaluates our situation as dangerous. Subsequently an adaptive program involving a change in our biology (disease) will manifest. Our  organs  express  our  emotions,  in  ways  that permit  to resolve  in  our body what we cannot resolve in our mind. For instance a shock related to a painful separation, the loss of a loved one, a worry for a child, or the fear of death can prompt unmanageable stresses and be at the root of specific illnesses. Similarly,  negative  reactions  or  limiting  behaviors within  each  of  us,  which  appear  to  be  triggered  by people  or  various  circumstances,  are  in  fact  associated  to our subconscious  imprints. We can eliminate such imprints from our subconscious and ultimately change our behavioral and biological reactions.

Our health disorders as well as our behaviors, choices and life paths, are often associated to ancestral and gestational  programs, which  we  can  liberate  in  order  to  increase  our  free  will  and  power  in  shaping  our future.

The method of Bio-programming will provide you with the resources you need to produce specific, long lasting healthful changes in your life. You will have the opportunity to reconnect with your true self, walk on the path you desire, and create your own future.

The bio-programming  Technique integrates  cutting  edge  modalities  and  knowledge  for  the  resolution of  psychological  conflicts  related  to  illness  as  well  as  limiting  behaviors. The modalities and methods used are not intended to replace any medical, psychiatric or licensed therapy treatments.

You have the power to change your own biology as well as your life path. Would you consider an  alternate  reality  and  put  aside  for  a  moment,  the  old  beliefs  you  have  adopted  during  your  life regarding  the  causes  of  health  disorders? Would  you  like  to  acquire  a  new  awareness  offered  by a revolutionary cutting  edge  science?

PHOTON DIRECTED ACTION: Including Low Level Laser (LLLT) has been a powerful adjunct to treating oral, dental and upper respiratory infections.  The mechanism of this FDA approved modality include stimulating the cells and tissue to function optimally.  In addition we have had dramatic responses reported using our Photon Directed Action (PDA) protocol for allergens and toxins. Several patients have virtually eliminated their allergy symptoms and medication need using this technique.

Photon Directed Action (PDA)

Shining light through a homeopathic vial has been shown to promote the release of a toxin or resolution of a condition if the homeopathic solution resonates with the body.  Photon Directed Action (PDA) has been reported to help detoxification, reduce allergic reactions, reduce autoimmunity, and promote an effective response to and apparent resolution of infections.  PDA has been reported to enable much more rapid and deeper detoxification of specific toxins compared to other techniques.  Some medical doctors using PDA report clearing of chronic deep-seated infections, resolution of auto-immune reactions, and elimination of allergies.

In Photon Directed Action (PDA), light passing through a glass vial containing a specific homeopathic substance is swept over your body enabling/directing you to release toxins and/or resolve infections.  The substances in the vial are determined by kinesiology or electrodermal screening (ASYRA).  A PDA treatment takes 5-10 minutes.  PDA is a safe and rapid way to “remove” infections or toxins in 24 hours that otherwise might take 50-100 days to release.

How Does PDA Work? Unlike pharmaceutical medicine, which works primarily by chemically blocking or stimulating biochemical pathways in the body, PDA works on the quantum physical properties of the body.  PDA carries information into the cells of the body via photons (light) very similar to the biophotons produced by each human cell. Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD and others have proven that biophotons produced by human cells are responsible for information transfer between cells and tissues that regulates cell growth, cell differentiation, and biochemical activities (such as cellular detoxification).  PDA uses photons to direct the body into action.  The specific action is determined by four main components:

  1. the wavelength of the light (we use specific infra-red and a red laser wavelengths)
  2. the intensity of the light (we use low level laser rather than the cutting lasers used in surgery)
  3. the frequency imprinted into the solution (usually determined by ASYRA testing or a specific specimen)
  4. the locations on the body where the photons are directed (everywhere except the eyes)

What is the basis for PDA?  Acupuncture is well known to facilitate healing.  Scientific studies verifying the effects of acupuncture abound, although scientific explanation for the mechanism of action remains elusive. The traditional theory states that Qi (chi) or vital energy is the animating force behind biochemical reactions and all living things.   It is the difference between life and death.  The goal of acupuncture is to reestablish balance within the flow of Qi, so the body will heal itself.  Acupuncture is traditionally accomplished through insertion of needles at acupuncture points, located along meridians — pathways along which Qi travels, connecting the surface of the body energetically with the internal organs.  Acupuncture points are more electrically conductive, i.e., exhibit less electrical resistance when tested by a galvanometer, compared to other skin.  Stimulation by any means thereby produces a polarity or electrical gradient, facilitating electromagnetic conduction, or movement of Qi.

Just as acupuncture is a very old system of medicine, so is light therapy or phototherapy (photon therapy]. Phototherapy was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India. The Egyptians used sunlight as well as color for healing. In the past 120 years, great strides have been made in research and development of colored light as well as full spectrum light therapy. In 1876 Augustus Pleasanton reported the effects of stimulating glands, organs, and nervous system with blue light.  In 1877 Seth Pancoast reportedly used red and blue light to balance the autonomic nervous system. In 1878 Dr. Edwin Babbitt published The Principles of Light and Color, in which he wrote about a system for applying colored light to the body in colored bottles containing water charged by the sun. He was able to successfully treat many stubborn medical conditions, unresponsive to conventional treatments of the time.

Dr. Niels Finsen, a Danish physician, pioneered light therapy in the 1890’s. He noticed that tubercular skin lesions were much more common during the long dark winters, but rare in summer. In 1892 he began treating this condition with light. Later he used red light to prevent scar formation from smallpox, and eventually established a light institute for the treatment of tuberculosis. His work was so successful in the treatment of skin tuberculosis with ultraviolet light that he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1903.

Dinshah Ghadiali, PhD, MD (India), an American who immigrated from India, was highly influenced and inspired by Babbitt’s work.  In 1897, the course of his life and views on medicine were forever changed when he saved the life of a woman dying from intractable dysentery.  Under conventional treatment his patient continued to have 100 diarrheal stools per day. As a last resort, Dinshah proceeded to shine indigo light on the patient’s body. By the end of the first day, the number of evacuations was reduced to 10. By the third day she was out of bed.

By 1920, after 23 years of research and clinical observation, Dinshah, as he came to be known in America, had refined a sophisticated system of color phototherapy he called Spectro-Chrome.  Influenced by a strong background in mathematics and physics, he reasoned that the physiologic effects of individual colors would correspond with the action of the mineral which exhibited that color on spectrometry.  He thereby determined in detail, specific “attributes” of the colors, i.e., the specific effects of the colors on the physiology.  He further determined precise and predictable formulations of applying colored light directly to the body for a variety of physical injury and illness. He was the first to develop a system of healing utilizing all the colors of the spectrum based on three principles:

  1. The human body responds to light
  2. Colors relate to physiologic function
  3. Color tonation (broadcasting specific colors to the body surface) aids bodily function.

The scientific explanation for this rests in quantum physics and color theory: the photoelectric effect first discovered by Hertz, and the theory of light elucidated by Einstein. By the photoelectric effect, when light strikes any material substance, electrons are discharged, creating a current. In other words, light interacts with matter as the energy of the light is transferred to electrons.

There is no doubt that light is necessary for health, and even life itself.  Colored light has a particular ability to balance the autonomic nervous system, which is crucial in most chronic and functional disorders as it regulates all of the automatic processes of the human body: breathing, the beating of the heart, the functioning of the digestive tract, the stress response. Light as an environmental stimulant, is second only to food in its impact on controlling bodily functions.  We are just starting to recognize, investigate, and understand the integral and profound role light plays in regulating and maintaining health in the body/mind.

Russian researchers at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine have shown that light applied to the human skin penetrates the body between 2 and 30 mm, depending on the color frequency (another explanation for the individual color attributes).  The researchers found that only certain areas of the body were able to transfer light beneath the surface, and that these areas corresponded to acupuncture points and the light was conducted within the body along acupuncture meridians.  Although light penetration may be superficial, deeper physiological processes may be stimulated. It seems that the meridians are a light transferal system in the body somewhat like optical fiber.  Just as light through fiber optics is being used to transfer information almost instantly around the globe, perhaps the meridian system as a conductor of light provides the coherent unified theory of a subtle energy information system within the body.  This could be the missing link, uniting materialistic medicine with subtle energy healing modalities, and bridge the gap between physics and metaphysics.

Tina Karu, Ph.D., with the Laser Technology Center in Russia and affiliated with the University of California at Berkeley has researched the effects of light on the cell since the 1980’s. She has found that there are photo-receptors at the molecular – cellular level that, when triggered, activate a number of biological reactions: DNA / RNA synthesis, increase cAMP levels, protein and collagen synthesis, and cellular proliferation. The result is rapid regeneration, normalization and healing of damaged cellular tissue. In essence, light is a trigger for the rearrangement of cellular metabolism.

Research from Cornell University also supports this supposition that the body absorbs light through the skin, and that this light has physiological action. Chrono biologist Scott Campbell found that the biological clock could be reset by shining light on the back of the knee.  Prior to this it was believed that the light had to be transmitted through the eyes.

Photon therapy in combination with acupuncture is actually quite common, interfacing through the use of laser technology.  Laser, an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, is simply light that is coherent. Coherent light beams have minimum divergence and maximum parallelism over distance.  This is as opposed to incoherent light which is regular visible light beams which scatter. Hot lasers are used in surgery to cut, cauterize, and destroy tissues.  In contrast, we only use Lower power lasers, referred to as “soft” or “cold” lasers, in place of needles for acupuncture (“needleless acupuncture”) to produce therapeutic effects through photo bio stimulation. Soft lasers are classified by the FDA as Class III, non-significant risk medical devices for investigational purposes only.

There is a vast amount of research documenting the biological responses and efficacy of laser bio stimulation, much of which is applicable to incoherent light. It has a homeostatic effect: promoting skin regeneration or reducing scar tissue, promotes hair re-growth, decreasing pain or promoting enhanced sensitivity in numb areas, reducing swelling and irritation or improving circulation and enhancing the immune system. However, soft laser treatment is not without risk. It can be overused in intensity and duration. It is harmful if it comes in contact with the eyes.

Dr. Karu (noted above) contends that coherent light (LASER) is not necessary, that incoherent light is equally effective at producing clinical results. Furthermore, she found that coherent light is converted to incoherent light in the body. The exact effect depends on the wavelength, dose and intensity. In Israel, medical doctors utilize incoherent light transmitted by light emitting diodes (LED’s) in the practice of neurology, dentistry, dermatology, physiotherapy, and in cosmetic applications to promote collagen and elastin formation.

Does PDA address immune problems?  Autoimmunity explains a lot of otherwise unexplainable health problems.  Since the immune system doesn’t recognize your own cells as “foreign” it will not attack itself unless a “non-self” molecule enters your system and binds to one of your own cells.  Your immune system will react to this hybrid molecule as foreign, and the antibodies and other immune mediators produced will then cross-react with the normal human cell/receptor/protein.  Let’s say the foreign protein or microbe cross-reacts with the neurotransmitter involved in sleep.  If your body now reacts to this neurotransmitter, you may never again enjoy a full night’s rest.  If the normal human molecule was involved your sex hormones; you may have your reproductive cycle or function out of balance.  If you are susceptible to autoimmunity, the more toxins to which you are exposed, the greater is your chance for ill health based upon this principle of auto-immunity.

PDA is designed to help your body release these “foreign” molecules from your body through a four step process.  First, the “message” is carried in a homeopathic solution containing the frequency of the specific toxin/microbe to be addressed.  The “message” is delivered into your entire body and into your cells using the infra-red photons from the Quanta Ray, which seems to stimulate your cells and tissues to release the toxin/microbe.  The next 3 messages are delivered using a red LASER beam.  The first message (homeopathic solution) is designed to aid in releasing toxins/microbes out of your cells into the circulation or into your interstitial space between cells.  It is called a DDS frequency (Detoxify and Drainage Support).  The next message (homeopathic remedy) contains the frequencies of the toxin/microbe(s) determined by the ASYRA evaluation.  These frequencies help you escort the toxins/microbes now liberated from your cells and tissues out of your body.   Last we direct a message against the auto-immune process previously set up by the toxin in question to restore/support/stimulate any tissues affected by the toxin.

What can I expect from a PDA session?  Generally, ASYRA testing is done to assess your specific needs. The software within the ASYRA lists energetic frequencies that support detoxification of your individual needs based on the specific toxins found.  A small bottle of Resonance Formula derived from the ASYRA is placed in front of the LEDs of a Quanta-Ray infra-red device, which is then used to “sweep” your body.  The Quanta-Ray directs the ASYRA Resonance Formula into your body.  Following this, a red LASER “sweeps” your body using three different Resonance Formulations to direct your body to:

  1. Detoxify and drain your cells and tissues of toxins and microbes
  2. Respond to the chosen ASYRA Formula or specimen and promote excretion from your body
  3. Re-balance your Glands, Hormones, Organs, and Neurotransmitters (GHON for short).

By using the LED and laser over your entire body (except your eyes), we ensure that all of your acupuncture control points (of which in Traditional Chinese Meridians there are a few hundred, but there may be many many more not classified as common but are areas of increased susceptibility to information input) are stimulated.  Using this sequence, the PDA session is more reliable and enables very short treatment times (10 minutes).  Because we use a laser, even though of modest power, the staff member and the patient wear special glasses that reduce any chance of eye injury from the laser.  In addition, we ask you remove all metal from your body to reduce reflections.

Following the PDA session, you must allow the body to run through a complete 24 hour cycle by avoiding any activities that might interfere with drainage, detoxification, acupuncture meridian flow, autonomic nervous system function, or emotional-limbic system tranquility.

  1. Avoid the main ingredients for which the PDA was chosen such as sulfa products, chemicals, foods, etc.
  2. Drink plenty of purified (never distilled) water.
  3. Avoid any “hands on” therapies such as massage, chiropractic, electrotherapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, strenuous work-outs, etc.
  4. Do not use any homeopathic agents including the ASYRA Resonance Formula

Occasionally toxins seem to get stuck in specific “stubborn” locations during the 24 hours after a PDA session.  When this occurs, another PDA session using the Quanta Ray and red Laser can be emphasized on the areas of greatest inflammation (toxic foci, recent surgeries, recent injuries, etc.).  Sometimes an acute situation arises and will require an LED sweep to be done again.

Healthy Choices For A Healthy Lifestyle

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