By Chad Rhodes  June 30, 2018 9:30pm PST

What is our Local Government up to now?

You sometimes wonder if you need to be a bigger spy on our government than they are with us. Riddle me this BatMan.

The days of keeping secrets to keep money rolling into the economy on this rock is over. There is a 1.5 mile WIDE river of HOT MOLTEN LAVA moving at terrifying speeds across the lower East side community of Puna. With no sign it is going to stop any time soon and with little information from the Local Officials leaves the community in limbo.

I shutter as I repeat these words. You could and will be arrested and your photos will be confiscated.. WHAT??? Did you just take away one of my constitutional rights?

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Eighth Amendment: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

How can the Big Island officials pass policies that take the rights away from the citizens to take pictures of the lava flow? To take pictures of their own property. Whether it’s still standing or on fire with the lava starting to creep in and eat away at the edge of the siding. Why, if you are safely away and not putting anyone else’s life in danger, and that includes emergency responder’s. there is no harm. If you are sneaking in the backside, going on other peoples property, taking tourists and filming then you should be arrested.

WHAT ARE YOU HIDING??? What are you not telling the people of this community?

As the earthquakes continue, the force of each tremor seems stronger with continuing rumbling that sounds like an empty stomach. When you have over 500 earthquakes a day, with at least a couple that are 5.0 +. Your nerves start to fray. Especially if you have already been displaced by the eruption. From the top of Kilauea to the bottom of Kapoho the Lava river that is winding through the leilani – Kapoho areas.

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Check out Ikaika Marzo on Facebook – The man that has been on top of the true news of the Lava Eruption since day one..



FINALLY… OHA Investigated By FBI. Millions missing!!!


OHA is being investigated by the State of Hawaii and now the FBI. It’s about time. Rumors for years have circulated around the islands about OHA’s spending practices.

Audit was released in February which found frivolous spending by Board Members. Ending in millions being depleted from the fund on personal pleasures. Embezzlement and Fraud by the board members.

OHA declined comment during a board meeting Thursday, and its attorney declined to provide details of the investigation to a beneficiary.

HNN reports; “I think there’s something they’re trying to hide,” said Healani Sonoda-Pale, chair of Ka Lahui Hawaii’s political action committee, who asked the board to disclose details of the investigation. “There needs to be more transparency in this whole agency, because it is for the benefit of kanaka maoli.”

OHA declined to give information, which cracked the cookie jar wide open.

Can we all say SHAME ON YOU!!!!!


Scathing audit: OHA spends with ‘little restraint’ — or oversight

FBI joins investigation into OHA spending, contracts

Hawaii News Now Investigates has full report on the investigation.


What Happen to the Chain of Command Hawaii when it comes to notifying the public about an incoming missile?

By: Chad Rhodes January 13, 2018 10:28am

Governor Ige and Mayor Caldwell took center stage to speak on live television to explain their mishap with the Civil Defensive alert that reached 1.43 million people and sent the entire islands into a panic. As Governor Ige Swallowed hard trying to explain what he had to answers to. Wrong Button was pushed. IGE, there is no button. Wrong Alarm was CHOSEN… Then the smug giggles from Ige and Caldwell. Glad they were so comfortable they could giggle at others expense.

People scrambled to call loved ones to say “Goodbye”. The cell communications had stopped for a period of time and people could not call out. Which sent their hearts into over drive. Parents with only 15 minutes before they must take cover and they are rushing to pick up their kids from activities.

Why Did It Take Over 38 Minutes To Send Out A Cancellation Message???

A Template can be made in 5 minutes if not less. Who are they trying to fool.

Where was Governor Ige that he could not pick up the phone on repeated calls from Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Brian Schatz and several other State officials?

Many questions need to be asked of these so called State Officials.

My experience was the same as the 1.43 million people in Hawaii. My heart was racing. I texted my family to say good bye for the last time. The phone lines were jammed. I used the text feature on my phone to send out my message as I prepared by closing all the windows and doors. Crawling into to my safe closet in the center of the house.

What’s next…

Follow the STORY at Hawaii News Now



Reported By Hawaii News Now

As the turmoil continues on who and why and the secretiveness behind the scenes of the missile mishap. Check out the full report from Hawaii News Now as Gov. Ige gets roasted once again and he still has no answers. Do we really want a Governor that has no answers???

National press roasts Ige after he blamed Twitter login troubles for missile alert response



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Hawaii committees pass new versions of vacation rental bills

Hawaii committees pass new versions of vacation rental bills

By AUDREY McAVOY Associated Press   Published March 24, 2017 – 12:05am

HONOLULU — Hawaii legislative committees have passed new versions of bills addressing vacation rentals.

Lawmakers have been keen to devise ways to make sure vacation rental operators are paying transient accommodation taxes just like hotels. This has been a struggle in part because many rentals, particularly on Oahu, are being operated illegally without permits.

State Senate committees on tourism and public safety late Wednesday passed legislation giving hosting platforms like Airbnb the option to pay hotel taxes on behalf of short-term rental operators.

The bill says platforms that do so would have to ensure operators comply with state and county land use laws. It says platforms would have to ensure operators provide written verification of their compliance. The bill, which amended House legislation, next goes to the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

“We want to make sure that this bill doesn’t hurt the good actors, but also gives us an opportunity to go after the bad actors out there,” said Sen. Glenn Wakai, the Senate tourism committee chairman.

Wakai, who represents Kalihi and other Oahu neighborhoods, said the reporting requirements would help lawmakers understand how many short-term rental units are being offered, what their economic impact is and what the state’s tax opportunities are.

The legislation, he said, offers Honolulu and other counties “a carrot” to get their land use regulations in order by offering them a percentage of new taxes the state is able to get from short-term rentals.

Matt Middlebrook, Airbnb public policy manager, said in a statement that his company is committed to working with lawmakers to more effectively capture an estimated $100 million in taxes generated by the short-term rental industry each year. But he said the Senate bill conflicts with federal law.

David Louie, an attorney for the Internet Association, a national group representing online companies like Facebook and Expedia, said under federal law websites can’t be held liable for the content of other people’s postings. They also can’t be forced to screen or verify online postings by third parties, he said.

The House tourism committee on Tuesday passed legislation that also would also allow platforms to pay taxes on behalf of short-term rental operators. But the House bill doesn’t require platforms to verify operator compliance with land use laws. This bill next goes to the House finance committee.

This legislation amended a Senate bill that called for a working group to develop a way to collect data on how vacation rentals affect Hawaii’s tax revenue, housing supply and brand as a visitor destination.