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Dynamic Illustration of Kilauea Seismicity and Eruption of 2018 May 6

Dynamic Illustration of Kilauea Seismicity and Eruption of 2018

Returning home is a scary feeling when you don’t know what to expect.

Lava Insurance too expensive for most islanders…

Specialty insurance, added extras… These days those are typical words homeowners are hearing from the insurance companies. Time to have a “CHECK UP” on your homeowners insurance policy. Make sure you are covered for what you “THINK” you are covered for. Better to find out before something happens.

35 Homes Destroyed and 2 new Fissures open in LEILANI ESTATES… Disaster Grows!!!

Disaster looms for many residents of a subdivision in Hawaii. It seems every hour you hear the lava has consumed another house in Leilani Estates on the Big Island of Hawaii. Residents are growing restless not knowing if their house has joined the list of  the others that have been destroyed by Pele. Locals say she is reclaiming the land.

RISING FROM THE VOG… Leilani Estates Eruption 2018 Residents return to get their pets

A line of traffic is seen going towards Pahoa town, Sunday, May 6, 2018, near Pahoa, Hawaii. Scientists reported lava spewing more than 200 feet (61 meters) into the air in Hawaii’s recent Kilauea volcanic eruption, and some of the more than 1,700 people who evacuated prepared for the possibility they may not return for quite some time. (AP Photo/Marco Garcia)

May 6, 2018 7 am cars lined the street hoping for a chance to retrieve their animals and belongings. “Lookie Loos” lined up also at the gateway entrance to the homes that have been evacuated since May 3, 2018.

As the morning progressed into lunch time, so did the lines. Growing ever longer down both sides of the highway. Residents patiently waiting their turn to go to their homes. The County and Police notified everyone in the lines that “RESIDENTS ONLY” would be allowed in. The lines slimmed down a bit, but continued till 6pm when all residents had to leave the area for mandatory curfew.

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Update – Sunday Morning (May 6, 2018)

A few minutes prior to curfew the Civil Defense put out “EMERGENCY BROADCAST” to ALL Leilani Estates residents to “GO NOW”. CDC did not say why, but I am assuming it was the Sulfur Dioxide Levels, possibly to high for human safety.

Leilani Estates eruption area should had been restricted to residents only or escorted by residents ONLY. What took them so long to come to that realization. The residents are still evacuating. Some Residents that were able to get to their homes today, came back to their homes that had been broken into and things were stolen.

The residents have had people approach them and TRESPASS on their property asking if they could look at the lava and take pictures.. Disrespecting the property owners who are mourning the loss of their homes, property and possibly animals… All for a photo opportunity that will make the trespassers money and famous for a second.


Hawaii Volcano Eruption Update – Sunday Morning (May 7, 2018)

FINALLY… OHA Investigated By FBI. Millions missing!!!


OHA is being investigated by the State of Hawaii and now the FBI. It’s about time. Rumors for years have circulated around the islands about OHA’s spending practices.

Audit was released in February which found frivolous spending by Board Members. Ending in millions being depleted from the fund on personal pleasures. Embezzlement and Fraud by the board members.

OHA declined comment during a board meeting Thursday, and its attorney declined to provide details of the investigation to a beneficiary.

HNN reports; “I think there’s something they’re trying to hide,” said Healani Sonoda-Pale, chair of Ka Lahui Hawaii’s political action committee, who asked the board to disclose details of the investigation. “There needs to be more transparency in this whole agency, because it is for the benefit of kanaka maoli.”

OHA declined to give information, which cracked the cookie jar wide open.

Can we all say SHAME ON YOU!!!!!


Scathing audit: OHA spends with ‘little restraint’ — or oversight

FBI joins investigation into OHA spending, contracts

Hawaii News Now Investigates has full report on the investigation.


What Happen to the Chain of Command Hawaii when it comes to notifying the public about an incoming missile?

By: Chad Rhodes January 13, 2018 10:28am

Governor Ige and Mayor Caldwell took center stage to speak on live television to explain their mishap with the Civil Defensive alert that reached 1.43 million people and sent the entire islands into a panic. As Governor Ige Swallowed hard trying to explain what he had to answers to. Wrong Button was pushed. IGE, there is no button. Wrong Alarm was CHOSEN… Then the smug giggles from Ige and Caldwell. Glad they were so comfortable they could giggle at others expense.

People scrambled to call loved ones to say “Goodbye”. The cell communications had stopped for a period of time and people could not call out. Which sent their hearts into over drive. Parents with only 15 minutes before they must take cover and they are rushing to pick up their kids from activities.

Why Did It Take Over 38 Minutes To Send Out A Cancellation Message???

A Template can be made in 5 minutes if not less. Who are they trying to fool.

Where was Governor Ige that he could not pick up the phone on repeated calls from Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Brian Schatz and several other State officials?

Many questions need to be asked of these so called State Officials.

My experience was the same as the 1.43 million people in Hawaii. My heart was racing. I texted my family to say good bye for the last time. The phone lines were jammed. I used the text feature on my phone to send out my message as I prepared by closing all the windows and doors. Crawling into to my safe closet in the center of the house.

What’s next…

Follow the STORY at Hawaii News Now


Why no discussion of bogus ICBM alert in State of the State? Ige says he’s talked about it enough


Whats your opinion? Do you want a Governor who has time to spend on important situations that concern the residents of Hawaii.