What Happen to the Chain of Command Hawaii when it comes to notifying the public about an incoming missile?

By: Chad Rhodes January 13, 2018 10:28am

Governor Ige and Mayor Caldwell took center stage to speak on live television to explain their mishap with the Civil Defensive alert that reached 1.43 million people and sent the entire islands into a panic. As Governor Ige Swallowed hard trying to explain what he had to answers to. Wrong Button was pushed. IGE, there is no button. Wrong Alarm was CHOSEN… Then the smug giggles from Ige and Caldwell. Glad they were so comfortable they could giggle at others expense.

People scrambled to call loved ones to say “Goodbye”. The cell communications had stopped for a period of time and people could not call out. Which sent their hearts into over drive. Parents with only 15 minutes before they must take cover and they are rushing to pick up their kids from activities.

Why Did It Take Over 38 Minutes To Send Out A Cancellation Message???

A Template can be made in 5 minutes if not less. Who are they trying to fool.

Where was Governor Ige that he could not pick up the phone on repeated calls from Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Brian Schatz and several other State officials?

Many questions need to be asked of these so called State Officials.

My experience was the same as the 1.43 million people in Hawaii. My heart was racing. I texted my family to say good bye for the last time. The phone lines were jammed. I used the text feature on my phone to send out my message as I prepared by closing all the windows and doors. Crawling into to my safe closet in the center of the house.

What’s next…

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