Once Upon A Midnight Cowgirl

April 4, 2017

Well we have exciting news at our place.

A mother Pig lost her baby and it wandered onto my land and survived the dog pack. Amazing she must belong on this aina..

I let the dogs out for one last run at 11:15pm. About 20 minutes into this moment of peace and quiet came barking and squealing. I really didn’t know why my dogs were barking so crazy wild. They really don’t bark unless there is something present.

In my pajamas, which consists of boxer shorts and a tank top, I threw on my rubber barn boots and headed out to the dogs. I wrangled up the dogs one by one. I still didn’t see anything until I got the last dog in. That’s when I spotted the tiny 16 ounce water bottled sized black piglet.

So back out I go again to now get the pig before a dog gets a hold of it. Now it’s about Midnight and I finally have chased down the little buckaroo. It was the highest pitch squeal I have ever heard. All the way up to the house. Dogs are howling at the tops of their lungs. Neighbors are turning on their porch lights.

I am pretty sure the mother and her piglets were disturbed by my dogs. I could hear all the dogs on the block howling one by one as the mother headed out of dodge…

I am just thinking “What has god given me now. I am running around trying to find something to put this little piggy in. Laughing the whole time. I spot the dog’s food container I just washed still on the front porch… Put midnight in there so I could collect my thoughts. Then it was like I just put the piglet in front of a microphone with the speaker on high… Oh my…

Ran around to the back and got the dog carrier and some old clothes and stuffed them inside. Put the piggy inside and locked her in my office. Another moment to catch my breath and figure out what my next move is.

I decided to give Midnight some warm milk to sooth her cries… She was a sleep in seconds after that.

April 5, 2017

The next morning starts the journey of caring for Midnight Cowgirl.

I know nothing about farm animals. But thank technology for the internet. I found information on pot belly pigs, but not on raising a Feral Pig. But still found wonderful advice on the  feeding regiment. Good thing a friend of a friend raises pigs also. Her advice was to get Colostrum Supplement and Uni-Milk by Manna Pro.

I built her a “Crib” 72” long x 23” wide. She comes out to eat and do her bathroom duties and back in the carrier for a nap inside my office, which has become her residence. It’s the only place that will stay warm all day and night. Since there is no mom to keep her warm she must stay warm. 90 Degrees to be exact is the optimal temperature for her..

5 dogs, 6 chickens and now a baby pig.

So here we are today April 8, 2017 and Midnight Cowgirl is thriving.

April 8, 2017

I am exhausted from the hour to 2 hour feedings. But she sleeps through the night which is awesome. Too bad I can’t get my dogs to do that.

She is becoming very playful and needs a yard to run around in and a friend. Gave Midnight a big ball to play with. Big for her we’ll say!!!

Fed her some ground up oatmeal and apple with her Colostrum Supplement (by Manna Pro) today.

She seems to have dandruff. I put a little Diatomaceous Earth on her to get rid of the fleas and ticks or lice. What ever it may be I wanted it dead. She is still to small to give her DE in her food. DE is Great for keeping any un-wanted pests from her inside and outside.

Going to mount the camera in her crib so I can get all the action footage. I am sure everyone will enjoy “Midnight Cowgirl’s” antics. As she grows and explores.




Important Notice

Feed ONLY Organic Freshwater FOOD GRADE DE To animals

cattle-deGoats, chickens, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits and others will benefit from the use of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. As well as being beneficial to animal health our Diatomaceous Earth also acts as an anti-caking additive to help the feed ingredients from sticking together.

More LIVESTOCK BENEFITS that have been observed:
Stimulates basic metabolism
Converts feed better
Reduces the desire to lick soil
Scouring or diarrhea: when fed it seems to act as a material that drives both virus and bacteria out of the body and solidifies the stool.
Reduces odor and moisture in barns and stalls
Better coat and hoof condition
Reduces annual vet bills–decreased mortality
Dairy cattle: Increased milk production
Better egg production, stronger eggs, and reduces overall animal stress.

Suggested LIVESTOCK FEEDING and Application Rates:

% of total weight of dry ration 5% in grain or 1 oz. per day
Animal Suggested Rate
Beef Cattle
Dairy Cattle 1% of total weight of dry ration or 1 oz. per day
Calves 4 grams in morning milk per calf or 2 oz. per day in feed
Chickens 5% in feed, use at full strength in dusting boxes
Hogs 2% of total feed ration, dust or spray on bedding and animals
Horses 5 oz. (1 cup) in daily feed ration
Sheep 1% in ground grains 1 part Diatomaceous Earth to 2 parts T-M salt
Goats 1% in grain, 1/2 oz per day, up to 50% in T-M salt

FOR LARGE ANIMALS, Diatomaceous Earth may be offered as “FREE CHOICE” as long as the dispenser is well protected from the wind. Your livestock will also gain benefits from the many trace MINERALS naturally provided by Freshwater Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, and DE helps reduce animal excrement odors that draw flies.

* Any food grade diatomaceous earth uses other than those approved by the EPA, FDA, or USDA are strictly reports of what hundreds of users as well as Holistic Veterinarians have recommended.






PETS: Our best friends come in all shapes and sizes. Protect them from fleas and other crawling insects with diatomaceous earth. Thoroughly treat floor and bedding in and around pets’ sleeping quarters. Treat surrounding cracks and crevices, baseboards, carpeting and wherever fleas and other crawling insects are suspected.

flea-eggs-dogCRAWLING INSECT CONTROL diatomaceous earth kills by physical action, not chemical. The tiny diatoms scratch off the insect’s waxy coating, and they dehydrate and die.

“Our work is based on natural, preventive care for animals, so of course we are always on the lookout for good, quality NATURAL products to help our clients and our listening audience that won’t break the bank.” We have long been proponents of diatomaceous earth as a natural pest control for all animals.

de-microscopeRegular Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Pet and Animal Consumption:
The Following is Recommended Food daily doses for Dogs and Cats. The diatomaceous earth seems to create an environment in the digestive system that parasites cannot live in. Also reported are great results with sore and painful hips and joints, and even a fuller, healthier shiny coat when fed as a regular daily supplement.

Other suggestions for food grade diatomaceous earth for pets:
Cat Litter/Kitty Litter: Liberally add Diatomaceous Earth to litter box to effectively control dampness and odors.

Animal Suggested Rate
Large Cats 1 teaspoon
Kittens 1/4 teaspoon
Dogs 100 lbs + 1-2 tablespoons
Dogs 50-100 lbs 1 tablespoon
Mini dogs 1/2 teaspoon

In clinical observations of feeding dogs over 35 lbs. 1 tablespoon/day, and dogs under 35 lbs. 1 teaspoon/day, of diatomaceous earth, within seven days all ova disappeared from stools. Diatomaceous Earth controlled Ascarids (Toxocana), Hookworms (Anclyostoma caninum), and Whipworms (Trichuris vulipis).