Important Notice

Feed ONLY Organic Freshwater FOOD GRADE DE To animals

cattle-deGoats, chickens, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits and others will benefit from the use of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. As well as being beneficial to animal health our Diatomaceous Earth also acts as an anti-caking additive to help the feed ingredients from sticking together.

More LIVESTOCK BENEFITS that have been observed:
Stimulates basic metabolism
Converts feed better
Reduces the desire to lick soil
Scouring or diarrhea: when fed it seems to act as a material that drives both virus and bacteria out of the body and solidifies the stool.
Reduces odor and moisture in barns and stalls
Better coat and hoof condition
Reduces annual vet bills–decreased mortality
Dairy cattle: Increased milk production
Better egg production, stronger eggs, and reduces overall animal stress.

Suggested LIVESTOCK FEEDING and Application Rates:

% of total weight of dry ration 5% in grain or 1 oz. per day
Animal Suggested Rate
Beef Cattle
Dairy Cattle 1% of total weight of dry ration or 1 oz. per day
Calves 4 grams in morning milk per calf or 2 oz. per day in feed
Chickens 5% in feed, use at full strength in dusting boxes
Hogs 2% of total feed ration, dust or spray on bedding and animals
Horses 5 oz. (1 cup) in daily feed ration
Sheep 1% in ground grains 1 part Diatomaceous Earth to 2 parts T-M salt
Goats 1% in grain, 1/2 oz per day, up to 50% in T-M salt

FOR LARGE ANIMALS, Diatomaceous Earth may be offered as “FREE CHOICE” as long as the dispenser is well protected from the wind. Your livestock will also gain benefits from the many trace MINERALS naturally provided by Freshwater Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, and DE helps reduce animal excrement odors that draw flies.

* Any food grade diatomaceous earth uses other than those approved by the EPA, FDA, or USDA are strictly reports of what hundreds of users as well as Holistic Veterinarians have recommended.


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