As you age, it’s a good idea to downshift from high-impact exercises.

Low Impact Senior Exercise Dance at Home – Free Easy Dance Exercises for Older Adults

MUVE dancing can be as mellow as these senior fitness exercises for older adults, and it can be a high impact aerobic dance workout for teenagers. See the variety of people from toddler to elder, dance exercising to their own needs at the video blog!

MUVE dance instruction videos for seniors, as well as kids and their families, are available at the website for people who want to create a regular workout routine at home.

(Beauty Hula MM16) MUVE Moments are broadcast on Hawaii television and invite audiences to spontaneously dance along in front of their TV or computer screens, to be more active at home and get a break from sedentary activities.
Staying motivated to exercise is easy with a MUVE dance along because everyone adjusts the intensity of movement to their own liking. The easy workout routines on the Mellow MUVE DVD, for which this dance was originally created are specifically intended for people who love music and dance and prefer gentle exercising at home. Mellow MUVE is a joyful way to exercise with free easy dance steps that are just your size. Out of shape? Overweight? – No problem, try our low impact workout video right now!

Tryout the low impact stretch tube


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