DID YOU KNOW ? I DID NOT !!! To Rinse, Or Not To Rinse

Are you Properly Rinsing Your Rice?


Did you know there are PROPER ways to rinse and polish the rice?

I bet you didn’t, I didn’t until I asked my friend.

If you happen to be so lucky, you are one up on me.

So you soak the rice in a nice BIG bowl for 5 minutes in cold water. No Make the Bowl to small. Ya you hear me!!!… Playing Deaf again… PRETENDER.. ! You rinse with water, do this 2 times. You Still Here!!!

Fill the BIG BOWL back up this time you start to polish the rice. Yes I said Polish….

Cupping The Rice Cupping The Rice

You place both your hands around the rice and cup and rub back and forth in the water until the water is cloudy. Rinse with small flow of water while gently moving this rice around with your fingers. Do this procedure 4 times until the rice has sheen to it.

Final rinse under water. You can see the clear water...

Final rinse under water. You can see the clear water… One last rinse but NO POLISH THE RICE… Place rice in your rice cooker pan, add water to desired measurement and start your rice cooker. You are off to tender flavorful fluffy rice tonight.


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