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Proper care of your pets 101 for vacation time.

Are you leaving for a weekend getaway?

Who will be taking care of your 4 legged family members?

This is a tough one unless you have a good friend or you already have a sitter. I always say “Plan this one out good”.   If your dogs are comfortable with their sitter, you will be at ease. It is very stressful for all involved, especially our pets. They don’t understand what is going on, unless you travel often.

Before you leave

Show the sitter where the pet food and treats are, and where the pets sleep.

Make sure you write a list of basic commands you use with your pet? Giving the sitter the right words to use is important for communication with your pets.

Give them a list with pet rules: Are they allowed on the furniture? When do pets get treats, and when should they be reprimanded?

Let the sitter know your pets habits. Like, do they hang inside the house or out or both. Or if your dog barks often, or whether barking is for “stranger danger” and what to do if the dog continues to bark.

Let your sitter know if any of your pets are aggressive and for what reason. (toys, food, treats or the mail delivery person)

Lay out on the counter any cleaning supplies they made need in case a pet has an accident in the house. You never know.

List: what time your pets need to be walked or are they “free rangers” out in the yard. Most important do you need to close the doggie door and limit their access if this is so.

List: Feeding times and how much food to give them.

If there is more than one pet to be fed, can they all eat together in a group or do they need to be separated. Most important do you need to do separation prior to mixing their food?

Make sure to leave emergency contact information for the pets.

  • What is the name and number of the veterinarian?
  • Is there an emergency animal clinic nearby?
  • What should they do in case of an emergency.
  • Also leave a number of close friend or relative in the area.

Just make sure that your pet adores who ever may watch and care for your pets.