Will This Solve a lot of Issues or Open A Can Of Worms?

Tiny neighborhoods can solve a lot of Issue’s at hand, but what about the long term effect? Will you like living feet away from your next door neighbor? Will or can this solve the housing shortage?

Just think of how many problems can be solved with these tiny homes.

  • Affordable Housing
  • Smaller footprint left behind for the new generation
  • Housing millions of Americans who are now un-sheltered and living on the street.

Perhaps its time we concentrate on living instead of paying to live.

Just think if you had more time to do more things. Saving money on rent, mortgage, taxes and utilities. You would end up with time and money which today is a valuable commodity. 

Tiny Homes on wheels are popular with the younger generation. You really need to ask yourself how much space do you NEED, Not want!!! Can you live in just 160 Square feet. That is 8′ feet x 20′ feet. 1 bedroom, 1 bath, small kitchen and small living room.

You can buy the plans to your tiny home or you can shop pre-built tiny homes without ever leaving your home. It’s that easy now to get exactly what you want with online shopping.

There are several different styles to choose from as far as mobility and towing. Make sure you choose the right model for your lifestyle.

Tiny home communities are popping up all over the USA

Snow birds are not the only ones looking for a warmer winter.

If your looking to create a smaller footprint in life, this might be right up your alley.