Being Good To The Earth: Weed Control

Experimenting with table salt for weed control

Trying to find new methods for killing weeds and keeping them away without adding heavy toxins into the soil is a chore. But I hope this new trick works.

I am using regular table salt in a shaker and lightly dusting the weed.

I have applied it to the areas I need control over the most. You need to be careful when using table salt or any salt for that matter.

You only want to apply the salt to the areas that you never want anything ever to grow again; edges of driveways, sidewalks or along fence lines. Less work using the weed whacker.


You can also use this to kill a tree trunk.

Drill 1/2 inch holes in top stump and pour the salt in the holes.




I have also used White Vinegar for weed control around plants. And that worked awesome.

It killed the weed and left the plant healthy and vibrant. Vinegar actually gives much needed nutrients to the plant that have been lost from the soil.



I bought a new weed sprayer and added the vinegar and went to spraying. Weeds died off completely in about a week and left the grass and plants healthy.


You can also mix the vinegar and salt together to really kill some heavy  hard to kill weeds or plants.

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