Smooth and No Longer Intimidating.. The New Epilady

Smooth and No Longer Intimidating.. The New Epilady

The technology has made the Epilady “Less Scary” looking. The first Epilady hit the market in 1986 and was the hottest revolution to the beauty consumers. The new sleek model can be held comfortably in your hand and all the moving parts are really protected. Not much chance in having an accident.

I can remember my mom gave my sister and I the Epilady for Christmas in 1986. It was like what is this mom ??? This thing looked dangerous and like it was a flying bug killer. She gave us the FYI and we kinda were like “are you sure”!!!

We broke it out of the package and tested it. It was winter I didn’t always shave unless I was wearing shorts… So I was ready.

What an adventure we had that Christmas Morning. First the Epilady was eating the carpet. We both dropped them to the ground as soon as we started the process. It was beyond any self-inflicted pain I had ever felt. We both wonder if our mother was trying to cripple us so we wouldn’t leave the house… hahaha

During this episode of intense pain for some reason I had the Epilady too close to my sisters head and it caught her hair. There were Deadly Screams from her lips. I had to try and unplug it from the wall with one hand and keep the monster from eating any more of her hair. My mom ran in and thought I did it on purpose..” I was that type of prankster with my sister”. None the less, this time it “just Happened” with no pre- intentions. We survived that Christmas with our Epilady’s.

Forward we went. we let our hair grow out to the 1/4 as directed and gave it a go… OMG…. Weekly, we grew courage to take the monster from the drawer and continue the regiment of self-inflicted pain. After about 1 month we were use to the monster but you really had to watch where you held and sat it down.

So glad technology has come in 2017. The New Super Improved Epilady is safe and you should not have an issue like my sister and I … But it left a memory that neither of us will forget… I love the new Epilady !!!



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