Not only will your pet love the comforting feeling, but the benefits are endless.


Canine Acupressure Techniques to Promote Healing.

Maintaining a well-rounded training regime and providing incremental warm-up exercise before strenuous exercise are an important part of preventing injuries. But with any sport, the dog’s enthusiasm and natural drive can lead to incidental and repetitive injuries, despite our best prevention efforts. That’s why it’s best to formulate an approach to dealing with our dog’s injuries, before they happen.

With an injury that is severe and/or debilitating, a holistic veterinarian should be consulted immediately to diagnose the extent of the damage and prescribe treatment. Soft tissue injuries in particular can be deceiving, so have a veterinarian check your dog to be sure that no other issues or further tissue damage occurs. After the holistic vet has seen your dog and made the necessary recommendations or if the injury is a simple bruise or superficial abrasion, you can help expedite the healing process. Only the animal’s body can heal itself – but you can play a role in helping to create the physical “environment” in which healing can take place in a balanced, healthy manner.



Healing with acupressure

Acupressure, like acupuncture, is based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) concepts that have helped heal animals and humans alike for more than 3,000 years. The basic principle underlying the healing process is that vital substances of the body nourish the body while moving harmoniously throughout the body. Two of the vital substances are chi (or qi), which is life-promoting energy, and blood, a nutrient-rich body fluid. In TCM, blood includes both the blood as identified in conventional medicine and other body fluids, such as synovial fluids in the joints or the nutrient-rich fluid within the spinal column.

Any injury can cause disruption in the flow of chi and blood. Using acupressure points, also called acupoints, you can help reestablish the flow of chi and blood through an injured area thus creating the healing environment. The movement of chi and blood through the damaged tissue helps distribute the nutrients the body needs to heal quickly and well.


Surrounding the Dragon

“Surrounding the Dragon” is an acupoint selection technique that is specifically for enhancing the flow of chi and blood to and through a particular location on the body. This technique is used often as an effective tool for tendon and ligament joint injuries as well as for chronic issues such as arthritis and tendonitis.The “Dragon” is the painful, raging injury, arthritic joint, or site of scar tissue formation, which blocks the flow of chi and blood. Applying gentle pressure to specific acupoints surrounding the “offended” area stimulates the flow of the healing chi and blood while removing toxins and nourishing the tissues.everybody-loves-a-massageWhen Surrounding the Dragon, we stimulate acupoints located near – but not too close to – the insulted area because you do not want to “spank the crying baby.” This phrase is used in Chinese medicine to mean that you do not want to cause any further hurt when the area is already painful.  READ MORE


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