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CRIME: Mexico Monarch Butterfly Activists Found Murdered


monarch sanctuary funeral mexico

Two men who worked for the El Campanario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary have been found dead within days of each other.

Both men fought for the conservation of monarch butterflies and the woods in which they hibernate in.

Homero Gomez and Raul Hernandez worked at the butterfly sanctuary in Michoacan state.

Hernandez’s body, which bore signs of beatings and a head injury, was found two days after the funeral of Homero Gomez.

Homero Gomez disappeared on 13 January. Gomez’s body was found in a well on 29 January. Gomez managed the monarch butterfly sanctuary and had received threats, his family said.
Raúl Hernández, was a guide and disappeared on Monday 27 January. His body was found a week later at the top of a hill in the sanctuary.

butterfly activist mexico

Forensic experts said his body was covered in bruises and he had a deep wound to his head. An investigation into his death is under way.
Gomez’s family said that prior to his disappearance, the activist had received threats warning him to stop his campaign against illegal logging.

Mexican authorities are investigating.

The Aftermath of Tragedy, not just once but twice.


The Aftermath of Tragedy, not just once but twice.

As we start to see enormous changes in our weather more disasters are bound to happen.

In the past few weeks we have seen mother nature roar her ugly head and destroy city after city. Millions are displaced and left without homes that were in the path of Harvey And Irma. In the midst of the hurricanes comes the earthquake and tropical storm to hit Mexico.


The damages are in the billions.

Recovery starts here.

Donate $1 and share this with yours friends and family.

We can and will re-build.