Meat Stuffed Potato Pancakes

Try this Great recipe…. Loved it

Embrace Serendipity


Potato pancakes are a strong food tradition among Slavic people and I for one can never get enough of them.  (In part that’s because the healthy part of my psyche refuses to make them too often out of concern for my arteries!)

But arteries or no arteries you can’t deny that fried potato anything is popular pretty much anywhere you go.  So, this idea of combining fried potatoes with meat and serving it in a package caught my attention.

This is not my original recipe but if you’re up for an experiment you might try this — or something similar.

I love playing around with recipes.  If you aren’t afraid of the periodic failure, a little dash of this and a splash of that is a good way to teach yourself how to be a better cook.  You’ll never forget your crash and burn experiences, and you’ll pick up some…

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