Financial Investments with Oil and Gas

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt testifying at a Jan. 18 confirmation hearing on his nomination as administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

With Pruitt Leading EPA, Oklahoma Oil Firm Gains Ground in Fight Against Regulation

Shortly after taking over as head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt started a roll-back of Obama-era environmental regulations, an effort that has provided big benefits to one of his home state’s largest independent oil and gas companies, the New York Times reports. Pruitt has long maintained a close […] Full Story

Oklahoma Energy News & Companies, Oil & Gas | News OK Electricity customers of Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. will see higher bills starting this … Oklahoma oilprices and drilling report for Monday, July 17, 2017.

OCC Oil and Gas Data Files – Oklahoma Corporation Commission



Quotes  by Adam Wilmoth Of  NewsOK :

All the executives boasted of reduced debt and improved techniques and processes designed to cut costs and increase oil and natural gas production. Executives from all four companies said they plan to boost drilling efforts in Oklahoma in 2017 and into the future.

Oklahoma Business Briefs: Oklahoma oil prices and drilling report for Monday, July 17, 2017Futures File: Grain, gasoline and geopolitics top commodity market weekly roundup

“These are the best wells we’ve drilled in our careers,” Jack Stark, Continental Resources’ president and chief operating officer, said of some of the company’s new wells in central Oklahoma.

Production costs have tumbled in the downturn to the point where producers in many cases are making more money today at $50 oil than they did three years ago when oil sold for $100 a barrel.

“Looking beyond 2017, we expect significant annual production growth over the next few years,” said John Hart, Continental Resources’ senior vice president and chief financial officer. “We should be able to grow production 20 percent annually and remain cash neutral at $60 to $65 oil.”   READ FULL ARTICLE

Some feel now that Trump has lifted the ban on Drilling for Oil and Gas, purchasing Mineral Right’s should be a winner for investing in 2017

CGG Land (U.S.) Inc. is conducting A 150 MILE (radius) 3D Seismic Mineral Surveys which Grady and Caddo counties of Oklahoma are included. The testing of over 150 miles in the two counties listed means production is starting to ramp up. Oil companies are looking to pump oil and gas. This is the best time to acquire the mineral rights for your financial future. The US Oil and Gas supplies are enormous and continues to be a vital commodity.

This investment can be passed down through generations, from your children, to your Grandchildren and to their children. Creates a monthly income and every 3 year lease re-sign, gets you a lump sum check.

Invest in Oil and Gas, and not just a promise note from the Stock exchange. We have already experienced the downfall of the stock market. Don’t wait for the next one before you broaden your portfolio. My Grandfather always told me “not to put all my eggs into one basket”.

Mineral owners survived the crash, the Scams and the Fraud. They still have what they brought to the table. Unfortunately, that is not true for the stocks. Owning mineral rights is a great way to invest in your future and financial security. Always has been and always will be.




150 nma in Sec 31-Township 8-Range 8(Grady) and Section 25-Township 8-Range 9 (Caddo)

                                      Leased @ 3/16 (to Turner and Blue Ribbon)

                                     Starting Bid: $5500/ac






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