Just bought a new phone… And you Forgot to buy a protective cover. No Worries…

Just bought a new phone…

And you Forgot to buy a protective cover

No Worries…

New phones can be very slippery with out a good cover to protect it.

Waiting and saving money by getting it online can sometimes cost you more in the long run. In the mean time while your waiting. Here is a simple budget cover you can make at home.
cell phone cover 001This is what you will need:
  • 2 Pieces of cardboard
  • Duck tape or something similar
  • scissors
  • utility knife
  • Saran Wrap
  • Rubber band
  • Take the 2 pieces of cardboard cut to 1/8 bigger of overall phone size.
  • Cut out your camera hole on one piece (back) and cut out any other openings on other piece (Front).
  • Any other openings needed cut them out.
  • Place the phone on both pieces of cardboard and make sure openings are in correct spot.
  • Take your saran wrap, place phone face down on Saran Wrap with 1/2 ” border, so you can wrap 1/2″ inch on to the back side of the phone.
  • Pick up the phone slowly and roll it over without making wrinkles on the front.
  • Roll it one more time.
  • Now place your back cardboard on make sure the openings are showing and slowly roll on Saran Wrap twice.
  • Be careful and cut out your openings in the Saran Wrap.
  • Cut off excess saran wrap from the 2 edges.
  • Cut tape a little shorter then the length of the cardboard.
  • Place your phone face up and place the front cardboard on .
  • Place your tape over the edge evenly on both sides press.
  • Your temporary cover is finished.
 Tips; Take the Saran Wrap and tape it to table makes it easier to remove wrinkles. Take a look at the pictures below for tips.



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