Not sure if this is the Tundra or my Freezer

I have a freezer/refrigerator combo, with the freezer on top. Ice is building up on the top of the freezer door. What is causing this? How do I get it to stop?

The following reasons could be the culprit..

drain-pan-refer·        The drain from the freezer to the pan under the refrigerator is plugged up – most likely with ice. You can see this drain line behind the refrigerator. When the freezer goes through an automatic defrost this drain line is used to get the water out of the freezer. Try a thorough manual defrost to see if the line opens up – you will have quite a bit of water in the tray underneath and it might overflow. That is probably all you will have to do to fix this problem.

dollar-in-refer·        Place a dollar bill between the door and the freezer area, close the door and pull the bill out, if it comes out real easy you have a leaky gasket around the door area and should be changed.

·        Sometimes it’s the simple things that go unnoticed. There’s a high probability that someone else’s answer is right, however, another possibility is that somethings wrong with the flapper on your ice dispenser (assuming you have one) and the outside air is getting in at the dispenser and causing the problem. Open the door, look through the dispenser- if you see light, there’s your problem.

save-electric-on-referHere’s a few hints on how to keep your refrigerator working properly and saving energy. Clean the inside and outside of the gasket at least once a month.Check the overflow pan every 6 months. That should keep your frost free freezer, TUNDRA FREE.

So there it is… I think I might have all 3 issues…I took out the ice maker because it had some gummy greasy build up from the water and upon inspection of the gasket there are a few holes.  I was tired of black appliances anyhow. Time for change. Maybe a new Stainless steel Refrigerator …

Now choosing the right model for you. One with all the perks or one with very little to go wrong. Do I want a Smart refrigerator? Does it shop for me too? I really have to make sure it conserves energy.



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