Rural Areas and High Speed Internet

CBS Morning Show: How the Internet really works. With all the magic that the internet provides one would think it just comes from the sky when it’s Wi-Fi connected. You will learn all the secrets you’ve been missing and what most customers assume to be true is false. Journalist Andrew Blum shows how the equipment drives the internet to your home and Wi-Fi devices.

Over 35% of rural areas are without internet service. The government has stepped in and made the internet a “Basic Need Utility” which is great for the consumer.

Some areas that are covered have spotty connections to say the least. Big metropolitan cities consume most of the utility at this time. Thousands each day are finding their way to the internet and wanting more. Internet providers are scrambling to keep up with the demand, but when you have to lay cable and set up satellites it takes time.

So the rush is on to make sure all of America has internet service.

Tends to make a person wonder how much of our time will be used and for what on the internet? Nothing like tracking your every move!!! I think this is another RFI chip to track our shopping habits and what we consume and how much of it. People shop for food to TV’s online now. Automated food delivery, Order online and we deliver. Pretty soon the restaurants will close and become order by internet only because customers have the convenience of staying at home and eating the food by the TV they bought online.

Let’s say, if a company goes to “Paperless Billing”, which over half the companies have this service. Then everyone in the USA would have to be connected to the internet somehow. If you figure out how much paper is wasted each year on billing statements, advertising letters, flyers and postcards, this could be illuminated and cut out tree use.

There is an upside that will unlock all the magic at your fingertips. We will have to wait to see the downside to all of this in 5 years. It doesn’t look so rosy for the American workers once again. But it all remains to be seen what will happen to the jobs for many workers in the USA. Less movement of people through the cities means closed doors on businesses.



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