by Chad Rhodes

Well Now, Deep Well we are digging. Who will drown in the water?

Controversy surrounds whither or not the FBI is up to the task of uncovering this. I am not sure what “THIS” is at this time.

We all know that Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been through 3 FBI investigations to get where he is at today. Not one complaint had arisen at any time. Now in walks twinkle, all smiles and baby voice in hand Christine Blasey Ford. Accusing and swearing under OATH that her attacker is Judge Kavanaugh.

Many “actual survivors” are speaking out against Christine Blasey Ford and calling her a fake.

Don’t get mad at the messenger….

Let’s take a look at some footage of previous officials from the White House had to say on this subject.

1991 Joe Biden

Biden once again engages foot into mouth.

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